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29 April 2016 @ 12:37 am
Blood magic - Chapter three  
Title: Blood magic
Author: bara_onna
Chapter: 3/?
Rating: R for this chapter
Band: D, the GazettE, Phantasmagoria, Lycaon, more to come
Pairing: Asagi/Tsunehito, Asagi/Hide-zou (non romantic), Hiroki/Ruiza, Hiroki/Aoi (past), Kisaki/Riku, Kisaki/Jun, Kisaki/Hide-zou (past), Kai/Aoi, more to come
Genre: Supernatural, romance
Warnings: a little violence, mxm, suggestiveness, language
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Only the story is mine.
Summary: "I love you," Asagi whispered and kissed Tsunehito's forehead.
Notes : Chapter three^^ I hope you like it ♥

Chapter one
Chapter two

Chapter three