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09 February 2016 @ 07:02 pm

The Night Crawler
Pairing: Byou/Jin
Genre: NC-17 & PWP
Synopsis: The little kitsune was happily going to bed now, tucked into his own futon inside his room at their Shinto Shrine. But, it seems that a certain incubus was a little more playful for tonight.

Notes: Made for Byou's bday! *throws confetti in the air*


Sujin Cafe
Pairing: Manabu/Jin [main], Manabu/Kazuki and more to come
Band/s: SCREW, The GazettE, BORN and more to come
Genre: Angst, Mental disorders, Romantic comedy
Synopsis: A nice cafe at your favourite park is all you need to cure a broken heart.

Character List

Chapters: 00 - 01 - 02

REVAMPED VERSION ----> Chapters: 00 - 01

Beyond The Pale
Pairing/s: Byou/Jin, Inoue Mao/Matsumoto Jun, Reita/Mitsuru

Band/s: SCREW, The GazettE, SuG, Mejibray, ViViD, BORN and more to come
Genre/s: Supernatural, sci-fi, fantasy, violence, gore, angst, a/o/b dynamics, and more to come
Synopsis: He was tasked to observe the Masahito clan with his unit; their mission was simple. Get the information they could and when caught on a thin thread capture the pack's alpha. The assignment wasn't anything out of the ordinary; rather it was too easy for Jin. Yet, he found himself at a predicament that will have him at the Masahito pack's clutches.

Character List - Creature Mythology

Chapters: 01.A - 01.B - 01.C