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19 July 2015 @ 02:48 pm
Title - Bright Lights
Author - polychrome_love
Rating - PG for now.

Chapter - 4/? Multichapter
Genre - Romance, Drama, AU, School Life,
Warnings - Fanboying, dancing, dreaming. Not beta'd
Bands - The GazettE, Dir En Grey, Alice Nine, OC's and more..
Pairings - ?/Reita, more to be revealed.
Summary - What does it take to reach the bright and shining stars? The answer is to become one.
Disclaimer - The story is from my dreams of real characters :p
Notes - This is the first story I've ever posted up, so I really hope that my writing is not too bad >.< Feel free to criticize, comment and tell me what you think so I can improve in writing^^

Author's comment - BETA READER WANTED. More comments below~

Previous chapters: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

((. . . because what he had right now wasn't even close enough..)))
Title: Untitled
Chapters: One Shot

Author: ryuusei_ki
Rating: PG
Band(s): Mejibray, Born
Pairing(s): Tsuzuku/Ryoga
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.
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28 June 2015 @ 02:42 am

Author: royalladyblue
Genre:Adventure, Romance
Pairings:Aoi/Koichi, ?
Bands:The GazettE, Nightmare, Dir En Grey, SuG, Lycaon, Mejibray, Gackt, Miyavi
Summary:Ever since the issue of the New World Order, nothing has been the same. Technology has continued its never ending march of advancement and discoveries have not ceased to be researched.
With society on the brink of war and chaos, a group of rebels will rise to the challenge of uniting a once great nation.
Disclaimer:None of these bands are my own, only this story.
Note:So, new fic I'm working on. Hope y'all like it! Comments and criticism and such is love! ♡

  Koichi looked up, kohl adorned eyelids fluttering shut almost instantly as he took in the new appearance of the Terra-Lab. He simply couldn't understand how the Ordinance found such a ghastly sight in contrast to the natural beauty of the white of clouds and azure of vast nothingness appealing in any way; Koichi certainly didn't, that much was obvious.

  He must have had his head tilted back for too long, long strands of pink hair cascading along the path of his back, simply losing himself and basking in the warm rays of sunshine that touched and heated his pale skin, because a mere second later, a Dominion was snarling at him, the menacing rifle that usually lay slung over a shoulder by the strap and pressed to an upper thigh having been lifted and pointed none too subtly at Koichi.

  The pink haired individual immediately lowered his gaze and parted his lips to make a snide remark to the person currently eyeing him up and down as if he was nothing more than a slab of meat, but he was instantly silenced by a hand clapping to his back softly.

  "Sorry, my friend here is just a bit tired from work. We'll be going now."

  Koichi followed the cue of his savior to nod hastily in agreement then turn around and walk away from the situation. Once the two were out of view of the Dominion, Koichi instantly grabbed the hand that was around his waist in faux support of his tired state and gave the raven haired man a quick kiss along his defined jaw.

  "Don't scare the hell out of me like that, Aoi. I was worried that Ruki finally sent Hutsugi after me," Koichi chided, a soft sigh escaping his lips as Aoi glanced around before leaning forward to press their lips together for the briefest of moments.

  Koichi's anger dissipated with each moment Aoi spent showering his lips in light, tantalizing touches of his own, the latter male eventually straightening up as a Virtue gave them a warning glare.

  "Don't worry so much, baby doll. You know I won't let Ruki send anyone to assassinate you."

  Koichi gave a stiff nod, eyes glancing past Aoi to the crowd of people that were all too eagerly ignoring the scene before them. The pink haired male looked back toward his lover, the corners of his lips curled upwards as a smirk settled across his mouth. "Let's go somewhere more private."

  Aoi returned the affectionate grin, his eyes half-lidded as he pulled Koichi flush against his own athletic frame. "My place or yours?"



  Koichi lifted a hand, fingers blindly reaching for his cup of coffee.

  "Here," Aoi grumbled, voice low and webbed with irritation as he resisted the urge to pull Koichi into his arms and pay the amount of homage due to the body of his lover, instead moving from his spot on the couch and grabbing the mug for which Koichi was searching and placing it a bit too near the edge of Koichi's desk for his liking.

  "Thanks." Koichi tore his concentrated stare away from the screen of his laptop and projected information. The pink haired male watched as Aoi quite literally threw himself onto the leather sofa. "What's wrong?" Koichi lifted the cup in one hand and took a sip of the caramel flavored drink, a muffled giggle erupting from him as he set the mug back down on the metallic surface of his desk and Aoi raised a brow and sat up.

  "Really? I thought I was going to fuck you," Aoi answered, a hand gesturing toward his neglected crotch.

  Koichi broke out into a fit of laughter. He turned back toward his displayed information and used his index finger to swipe it to where he could see everything on one screen. "Sorry, babe, I'm busy; come take a look at this."

  Aoi frowned slightly and stood up again, walking around the small table situated before the sofa so that he could stand just behind the chair on which Koichi sat. He leaned forward, breath tickling Koichi's neck. Aoi planted several kisses along the pale skin, eyes focused on the projection. "Is that the System?"

  Koichi tilted his head back to rest against Aoi's shoulder as the raven haired male continued to press his lips to Koichi's neck, eventually moving down to the hollow of his collarbone. "Yeah. I put in the exact ranking- from top to bottom is high to low positions in power. So, I've got Ruki as the pentacle, with the Seraphim and Cherubim and Thrones directly underneath. Lower than that would be the Dominions and Virtues, then the people who work in the Terra-Lab and just below them, the general population."

  Aoi has paused in his display displayed affection and neglect, lips parting so that he could speak. "And where are we?" He found it odd that Koichi wouldn't include their team on the list of the Ordinance; though he was sure that the Thrones would most definitely not approve of a resistance ruining the so called perfection that was their chain of command.

  Koichi lifted his head, one hand tapping and dragging and shifting things on the projection while the lithe fingers of the other sought out the keyboard of the laptop. "That would be here." Koichi pressed the enter key, the projection instantly showing another version of the hierarchical map that consisted entirely of resistance groups both large and small.

  Aoi whistled and clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth, arm extended over Koichi's shoulder as he flicked the chart upward to view the entire thing. "You're not storing this on the laptop, are you?"

  The pink haired male in question shook his head. "I'm not stupid, Aoi. I know the Thrones would seize us immediately immediately treason. I have everything on a chip."

  Aoi frowned for what seemed to be the millionth time. "About that, I never expected you to use the necklace I gave you for our anniversary for that."

  Koichi tilted his head back, neck protesting the strain. Pitch black strands of hair fell over Koichi's face, the pink haired male smiling softly as Aoi's lips resumed their caressing and scattered touches along his forehead and nose and cheeks. "I didn't either- but when the New World Order was issued, let's just say that things went downhill really quickly."

  Aoi leaned further over the inclined body of his lover, a satisfied hum coming from deep within his chest and throat as he placed a hand over the flesh and hidden sinew that hid Koichi's heart. "But we made it, didn't we, baby doll?"

  Koichi was about to nod and part his lips to agree with Aoi, but he was quickly silenced as his swivel chair was turned quickly so that he was face to face with his lover. Koichi would always feel his heart ache and throb in the best of ways whenever Aoi would be affectionate in even the smallest of things, and with the way said heartthrob was currently leaning toward Koichi, eyes harboring nothing but love and adoration and just the perfect hint of danger and lust, the pink haired male knew he'd be unable to resist the advances of his lover.

  "We did," Koichi finally assured, a soft moan leaving his mouth when Aoi finally kissed his lips with the usual fervor he would present when they were alone and away from the prying inspection of the Dominions.

  A groan of disappointment fluttered from Koichi's damp lips as Aoi pulled away from his mouth. Koichi lifted his arms and leaned forward slightly to wrap them around Aoi's neck, forcing his lover to lean closer to once again brush his lips over Koichi's own. "Aoi," Koichi breathed, eyelids heavy as he affectionately pressed his forehead against that of his attentive lover.

  Aoi smiled fondly. He placed a knee on the unoccupied spot of the chair just between Koichi's legs and lifted a hand to caress the delicate skin of the pink haired man's cheek, thumb brushing over the lips that brought such joy and could bring such despair into his life. "You're beautiful. I love you, Koichi."

  Koichi lifted his head to find Aoi's ear, a soft shudder jolting his body when he felt a hand at his chest, the strong fingers caressing a nipple through the colored fabric of his shirt, the nub instantly hardening as a rush of pleasure surged through the body of the pink haired male. "I love you, too, Aoi."

  "So, can your work wait, now?" Aoi chuckled as Koichi groaned.

  Koichi sighed an removed his arms from around Aoi's neck, eyes never once leaving the frame of his lover as Aoi straightened his stance and grinned, mischievous intent evident in the way Aoi awaited an answer from the silent male. "Fine. We've only got twenty minutes, though- I'm supposed to arrange things for the next raid with Yomi as soon as possible."

  Aoi shrugged and lifted his shirt over his head, the article of clothing instantly being thrown onto the floor beside him. "Oh, that's more than enough time. We'll talk about Ruki and his hitmen afterwards, alright?"

  "Sounds great," Koichi replied, eyes scanning every inch of Aoi's exposed torso as he stood from his chair and stretched somewhat sore limbs. He swore, Aoi simply had to be a son of Aphrodite- his chest was toned, skin taut and tanned in comparison to Koichi's own pale complexion, thighs smooth and muscular and absolutely gorgeous when Koichi could feel those muscles flex against his buttocks or thighs, depending on their position.

  Koichi was torn from his very sensual thoughts as he heard his pager begin to beep almost incessantly, a series of curse words coming from Aoi as his lover rushed back toward the desk, hands rummaging through a drawer until he found the small device.

  "Oh, shit," Koichi exclaimed, hands clutching the blue pager tightly. "It's Satoshi."

  "Come on, baby doll, please, I'm so hard it hurts. He carefully wait a few minutes- I'm sure it's not important."

  Koichi was uneasy about the situation, but he simply couldn't resist the look of longing that Aoi was sending him. He set the pager against the desktop and sighed, giving Aoi a slight nod. He just hoped that it was nothing too serious.


  The sound of footsteps drawing closer by the second didn't help to calm the already accelerated and furious beating of Satoshi's heart. The redhead was running as fast as his legs would take him, and he feared it wouldn't be fast enough.

  Satoshi had pulled out his pager and messaged Koichi as soon as he realized that he was being tracked by a sent assassin. Not receiving a response before he was forced to jump the Border and land in the area restricted to citizens such as himself had nearly caused him to die of fatigue; but he had managed to lead whoever it was that was following behind him away from the hideout of his team, and that was enough. It wasn't like he didn't have a system of succession in case he was taken out one day, but he most certainly didn't want to die like this, murdered by some complete stranger.

  The redhead gasped wildly for both air and in shock as he realized that he was going to meet a dead end. Satoshi quickly took a left turn, a scream coming from his mouth as he ran through a thorn bush, the large splinters cutting through the fabric of his pants and stabbing his skin roughly. He continued to run, though, the sensation of warm blood trickling down his thighs and calves not very important at the moment. He came to a halt when he realized that the person following his every move had tried to find a way to avoid the patch of thorns. Satoshi quickly stumbled to his knees and wiped a layer of dead leaves away from the entrance to an underground tunnel that lead back into the city. He pulled open the hatch and jumped into the passageway, making sure to close and bolt it immediately afterward.

  Satoshi sank to his knees, body trembling from public exhaustion as he finally had the opportunity to calm his breathing. He needed to warn the others- Ruki was definitely trying to rid society of the resistance forces.

28 June 2015 @ 12:23 am
Title - Bright Lights
Author - polychrome_love
Rating - PG for now.

Chapter - 3/? Multichapter
Genre - Romance, Drama, AU, School Life,
Warnings - Fanboying, dancing, dreaming. Not beta'd
Bands - The GazettE, Dir En Grey, Alice Nine, OC's and more..
Pairings - ?/Reita, more to be revealed.
Summary - What does it take to reach the bright and shining stars? The answer is to become one.
Disclaimer - The story is from my dreams of real characters :p
Notes - This is the first story I've ever posted up, so I really hope that my writing is not too bad >.< Feel free to criticize, comment and tell me what you think so I can improve in writing^^

Author's comment - Almost been a year since this was last updated. Hehe.
I'm not giving up! I'm gonna make this live!!!^^

More comments below~

Previous chapters: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2

((Chapter 3: Might as well find out right now...))
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Title: Nightmares
Chapters: One Shot

Author: ryuusei_ki
Rating: PG
Band(s): Mejibray, Born
Pairing(s): Ryoga/Tsuzuku
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.

Summary: “I have this image mapped out in my head.” Tsuzuku began, with a hesitant edge to his voice, “I don’t know where it came from, or exactly when, but just that it has constantly been there in the back of my mind for the past several years, of my, well,” he paused for a brief second before finally continuing, “my dead body lying still on the ground... with nothing else in view for miles and miles.”

Notes: This is my very first time posting in this community, so I apologize if I've done anything incorrectly. Other than that, I would absolutely love any feedback/comments/criticisms. Thank you very much!

Read more...Collapse )
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16 June 2015 @ 01:18 pm
Title: None ( for now )
Author: bara_onna
Chapter: 5/?
Rating: PG-13 for this chap
Bands: ViViD, MEJIBRAY, SuG, Angelo, the GazettE, An Cafe, D, SCREW, Monolith, Lycaon, Pentagon (there will be others later)
Pairings: Reno/Ko-ki, Ryoga/Shin, Iv/Takeru, Tsuzuku/Koichi, Kanon/Miku, Asagi/Hide-zou, Byou/Rui, Kai/Aoi, Ruki/Aoi(past), Ruki/Ryu (more later)
Genre: Supernatural, romance
Warnings: Vampires
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Only the story is mine.
Summary: "Guys... I think they're getting close. They are at the inn you were a few days ago..."
Notes : The sequel for Nights of blood ^^ I hope you like it♥

Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three
Chapter four

Chapter Five
15 June 2015 @ 01:40 pm
Title: Midnight Butterfly
Chapter:2 / ?
Rating :R for this chapter
Bands : MEJIBRAY,the GazettE, Screw, Angelo
Pairings : Tsuzuku / Koichi (one-sided for now), Ippu / Koichi, Uruha / Aoi (one-sided), Kai / Aoi, more to come
Genre: Supernatural, romance, drama
Warnings: violence, vampires, demons, cruel Uruha, implied rape, mxm action, evil Ippu
Disclaimer:I don't own anything. Only the story is mine.
Summary: "...Even if it's by force, you will be mine!"
Notes: New fic. Once again with supernatural genre^^ I hope you like it ♥

Chapter one

Chapter two
Band: Mejibray
Pairings: Mainly TsuzukuXKoichi, hints of MetoXMia
Warnings: Smutty goodness, Fluff and a bit of silly Humor
Disclaimer: I do not own the members of Mejibray, I wish I did but they belong to their label company as well as to themselves <3, however I do own this fanfic and the ideas within. Also this is my first fanfic in years so please be kind.
Summary: Just another day in the lives of the members of Japan's Mejibray, at least that was what Tsuzuku thought until he came in for Practice that day....

To the Smut ----->Relaxation
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12 May 2015 @ 09:16 pm
Title: Stray cat
Chapters: one shot
Author: yzk_bun
Pairing: Tsuzuku & // (MEJIBRAY)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Regularly bringing food to a stray cat, Tsuzuku starts growing fond of the animal which seems to always come back to be fed. While a storm is approaching, his attempts to bring the feline home for the night turn successful, but the cat might not enjoy the new environment.
11 May 2015 @ 11:03 am
Title: Teach me How to Love
Author: ainyan18
Chapter: 4/?
Genre: AU, angst, romance
Rating: NC17
Pairings/Characters: Reita/Ruki, Kai/Ruki, Aoi/Ruki, Uruha/Kai
Warning: strong and inappropriate language, sexual content
Synopsis: Love and pain is no different things, they just feel the same. It's what Ruki had believed through the years, and as Reita discovers more and more about him, he devotes himself to an oath: to save Ruki and teach him how to love.
Disclaimer: I just own the story.

"You don't really use you brain oftenly, do you?" The brunette crossed his arms over his chest, "If you're gonna continue stalking me at least find some other place to hide."

PREVIOUS CHAPTERS: |Prologue|Chapter 1|2|3|